Kulp Estates

Tech entrepreneur learning to farm, raise livestock, and build a compound for experiential networking retreats.

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Began casino build out

November 05, 2022

my friend Greg stayed over for a weekend and helped break ground on our new poker room. [useless closet] this is a large closet in the basement, behind the armory, with an exposed brick wall. we hung up a cheap dartboard ($69 on sale) and had to upgrade my Ryobi cordless dri...

Spent: $157.37 | Time: 4.0 hours

Installed bee traps

October 31, 2022

during our farm visit to Simply Dutch Farms (from whom we bought goats), they suggested we build bee traps to prevent carpenter bees destroying the corners of our wooden structures. [bee trap hanging on the southest corner of the barn] not knowing how to build anything, i si...

Spent: $56.95 | Time: 1.0 hours

Set up a deer feeder

October 30, 2022

found an electronic deer feeder on the property. the can sits off the ground ~4.5 feet. [setting the deer feeder ~300 feet from my bathroom][replacing the 12v battery][faces the north side of the pond in an un-kept pasture] you can configure up to 5 "feeding times" throughout...

Spent: $39.98 | Time: 2.0 hours

Began building a workshop

October 29, 2022

went to an estate sale nearby and found this work bench thing for $30. they also sold me a bunch of random nails and screws for $10. [Workmate 300 - in position at the estate sale]

Spent: $40.00 | Time: 1.0 hours

Got some goats!

October 26, 2022

welcoming Abigal, Lilly, and Cover to the ranch. they were $300 each, 3 years old with a lifespan of 10-14 years. [i can't remember which is which] they're purebred French Alpine dairy goats. i won't be milking them anytime soon, but i will be putting them to work on the weed...

Spent: $900.00 | Time: 2.0 hours

Project: raised garden beds

October 23, 2022

former farm boy Ryan Doyle visited for a few days and helped us kick off a garden. if all goes well this operation will expand into multiple acres and upgrade its title to Farm. ingredients • • * 21 bags of 2 cu. ft soil ($11.99 /each) • * 8 bags of 1 cu. ft soil ($4.47 /eac...

Spent: $863.82 | Time: 15.0 hours

Gave the pond some color

September 30, 2022

the pond was kind of brown, me no like-y. thanks to The Pond Guy i got 4 gallons of blue-green dye, and used half of it to make our pond a bit more tropical. before [Image] during [Image] after [Image] will likely add a single gallon every 3-5 months going forward.

Spent: $53.00 | Time: 0.5 hours

Added a hardscape to the front of the house

September 24, 2022

my parents visited for the weekend so i put my dad to work. we found some unused pavers in the northwest corner of the property and made it happen. starting point [Image] "reclaimed" pavers [Image] new UTV (Cub Cadet Challenger M 550) [Image] finished product [Image] at...

Spent: $11,000.00 | Time: 3.0 hours

Created a picnic area

September 22, 2022

the southwest corner of my pond was a jungle. a lot of the property is, to be honest. so i bought a commercial grade zero-turn mower, the "Tiger Cat II" by Scag, and got to work. [pond southwest corner] i don't have any local friends (yet) for the actual picnic part, maybe on...

Spent: $12,500.00 | Time: 1.5 hours

Move in day!

August 02, 2022

today i flew from Seoul, Korea to Atlanta, Georgia. took an Uber to the nearest Toyota dealership, bought a truck (2022 Toyota Tacoma), and moved in with a duffle bag of clothes. [the dealership insisted on taking a photo]

Spent: $41,000.00 | Time: 1.0 hours