October 23, 2022
former farm boy Ryan Doyle visited for a few days and helped us kick off a garden. if all goes well this operation will expand into multiple acres and upgrade its title to Farm.


  • * 21 bags of 2 cu. ft soil ($11.99 /each)
  • * 8 bags of 1 cu. ft soil ($4.47 /each)
  • * 2 spray paints ($5.87 /each)
  • * circular saw + sawzaw kit from Ryobi ($199)
  • * 1 gallon of black paint ($45.98)
  • * paint rollers ($11.97)
  • * paint tray ($2.24)
  • * fertilizer from a nearby farm ($100)
  • * saw horse (already on the property)
  • * gravel for water retention (already on the property)
  • * lots of labor

scrap wood from the property

construction kickoff

gravel run for the box bases

prototype with scrap wood - this shithole was designated for Russian cloves

gravel, then fertilizer, then soil

Jesus would be ashamed

box #2 was much better - added chicken wire above gravel

adding gravel to boxes

planted cloves 4 inches apart

we're finally done! time to clean up

painted and planted

there are 4 varieties of garlic spread across 5 raised beds that are 6x3' each; Russian, German, Korean, Georgian. approximately 60 cloves were planted in each box, so if all goes well this will yield 60 bulks => 480 new cloves next year.

at $172.60 all-in for each box, these won't be turning a profit anytime soon. but the lessons learned in basic wood-working, crop planning, and cameraderie are well worth the investment.

mistakes made (lessons learned)

* don't use spray paint for more than 20-30 sq feet of surface area
* don't use scrap wood when you need right angles (our Russian box is the prototype)

Spent: $863.82 | Time: 15.0 hours
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