Kulp Estates

Tech entrepreneur learning to farm, raise livestock, and build a compound for experiential networking retreats.

Project Progress (4.03%)

Project: raised garden beds

October 23, 2022

former farm boy Ryan Doyle visited for a few days and helped us kick off a garden. if all goes well this operation will expand into multiple acres and upgrade its title to Farm. ingredients • • * 21 bags of 2 cu. ft soil ($11.99 /each) • * 8 bags of 1 cu. ft soil ($4.47 /eac...

Spent: $863.82 | Time: 15.0 hours

Gave the pond some color

September 30, 2022

the pond was kind of brown, me no like-y. thanks to The Pond Guy i got 4 gallons of blue-green dye, and used half of it to make our pond a bit more tropical. before [Image] during [Image] after [Image] will likely add a single gallon every 3-5 months going forward.

Spent: $53.00 | Time: 0.5 hours

Added a hardscape to the front of the house

September 24, 2022

my parents visited for the weekend so i put my dad to work. we found some unused pavers in the northwest corner of the property and made it happen. starting point [Image] "reclaimed" pavers [Image] new UTV (Cub Cadet Challenger M 550) [Image] finished product [Image] at...

Spent: $11,000.00 | Time: 3.0 hours

Created a picnic area

September 22, 2022

the southwest corner of my pond was a jungle. a lot of the property is, to be honest. so i bought a commercial grade zero-turn mower, the "Tiger Cat II" by Scag, and got to work. [pond southwest corner] i don't have any local friends (yet) for the actual picnic part, maybe on...

Spent: $12,500.00 | Time: 1.5 hours

Move in day!

August 02, 2022

today i flew from Seoul, Korea to Atlanta, Georgia. took an Uber to the nearest Toyota dealership, bought a truck (2022 Toyota Tacoma), and moved in with a duffle bag of clothes. [the dealership insisted on taking a photo]

Spent: $41,000.00 | Time: 1.0 hours