December 01, 2022
it's taken weeks to find miniature cattle. our goat guy suggested i buy either Jerseys or Dexter cows because they "don't get as big [as regular cows], but still eat a ton of grass."

Kulp Estates - BC (Before Cow)

one of our pastures with long, long grass

we have around 6 pastures like this one. i'll probably make a map soon so you can get a better understanding of the property. as you can see, this is way too much to cut myself, even with a premium riding mower.

the plan is to rotate these 2 cows (1.5 year old Jersey bulls), along with our 3 goats, between each pasture on a ~weekly basis. this will save me significant hours in my weekly yardwork regimen and give the ranch experience a more polished vibe.

Tom and Jerry, our new Jersey cows

unfortunately the cows were a lot bigger than we expected. not miniature at all. thanks Goat Man.

Kulp Estates - Now

the whole yard crew gang - 2 bulls, 3 goats

bottom line

the cows were $500 each, delivery from 2 hours away was $250, and i bought some new buckets + stock feed ($106) to supplement their grass diet.
Spent: $1,356.26 | Time: 10.0 hours
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