June 26, 2023

a couple of our pastures are littered with rocks of various sizes. while most are pressed firmly into the grass, crowning above ground only 1-2 centimeters, some are accidents waiting to happen.

why rocks suck:

1. they hurt if you fall and land on 1
2. lawn mowers chuck them 30 feet in all directions
3. aesthetics

i thought this would be a quick 10 minute job, grabbing a few big rocks i always dodge while cutting the grass. but it turns out there were many, many more than my memory served.

here's just 1 example, which i found next to a 3" piece of sharp mower blade.

removing rocks today reminded me of some entrepreneurial wisdom -- "make sure you spend time working ON your business, not just IN your business."

new rocks will never fall out of the sky and make this pasture unsafe. it feels good to make a step-function improvement in the midst of weekly, sisyphys-ian tasks like killing weeds (that grow back) and watering plants (that stay thirsty).

one my themes for the 2023 lawncare season is making permanent improvements vs merely chopping off heads of the Hydra that is mother nature.
mostly rock-free future garden, barn to the right
Spent: $0.00 | Time: 1.5 hours
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