last year we built a feed station, which is really just a shelf that holds sweet feed, disguised as a bench.

while it works great, whenever we moved animals between pastures we had to relocate the whole rig, collectively a couple hundred pounds in wood, food, and supplies. no more.

this weekend my friend Bryan came to visit and we whipped out a 2nd iteraetion, one that's ligther and a bit smaller, holding 3 buckets instead of 4 as the original version was a bit overkill.
ignore the non bush-hogged tall grass, this was fixed a couple weeks later

my stain job ain't so great, but she lives outside and we already got a nice inside woman.

another thing i liked about this build was that we used all scrap wood, with the exception of a few, $4 fence pickets for the top aesthetic.
fresh out of the workshop

for context, here is Bryan shooting our new Remington 700 right before getting scoped.

anyway, we're happy with the results and will never have to move around feed stations regardless of our animals' grazing location.
long live Tractor Supply!

Spent: $12.00 | Time: 2.5 hours
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