January 09, 2023
Carlos came down from NYC and helped me install a few new lights.

we also fixed a hay barn roof, set up a fire table, hung a security camera, cleaned guns, and knocked out several other tasks that don't warrant their own post.

Easy - 50 Lumens Spotlight

for guests who arrive in the evening, this will make sure they know what's up.
killer result for just $8

Medium - Solar Lamp

i don't have a good photo yet but essentially we got a solar panels with an adjustable 500 lumens flood lamp ($39) that will shine at the barn when it gets dark.
measuring the available space for solar panels

Hard - Wired Motion Detection

whenever people walk to our guest house at night they have to use a flashlight or their phone to see what's in front of them. ghetto!

after noticing how some of the pre-installed security cameras were wired, we borrowed some juice from an unused outlet by daisy-chaining new 12 gauge wires to the box.
every 6-10 inches we used a special type of staple to hold the wires together along the wall and ceiling, eventually leading outside to the front of the barn.
measuring 30 feet of wire ($25 per 50 feet)

screwing in the spotlight's base station

installation finished!

the exterior wire is hidden from plain sight and the motion detection works well (50+ feet away) in the dark. 

i look forward to more complicated electrical projects. especially because i shocked myself 3x on this one and it wasn't too bad.
Spent: $67.00 | Time: 3.0 hours
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