December 26, 2022
i've been watching a lot of woodworking YouTube channels lately and the work bench design from Eric Spencley caught my eye. you only need 2 tools and a single sheet of plywood to build it, so i downloaded the plans and got to work.
setting up my tools, iPad, and saw horse

finished product, 4 hours later
my table saw now sits underneath the general work area
a 30 second video timelapse of my entire build is here.

lessons learned

i spent way too long cutting and getting the and bottom shelf square, and it still wasn't perfect. i couldn't use the cool pocket jig ($35) i bought for concealing screws without clamps.

but this is all child's play. while taking a shower i washed some sawdust from my hair into my right eye. i could barely open either eye without extreme pain for the next 16 hours. so the following morning i went to an Urgent Care clinic and did a Morgan Lens procedure.
an entire bag of solution flushes your socket via a suction cup to the eyeball

a few hours after the procedure i was good as new.

my one good decision was using a slightly more expensive piece of birch plywood ($89) instead of regular plywood ($69) -- it looks a bit classier.
Spent: $131.00 | Time: 6.0 hours
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