April 06, 2024

over the last 18 months i've done dozens of projects around the property. and each project generates waste.

a benefit of having this much space is how easily you can stash away said waste. but a detriment is how easily you can stash away said waste.

so i sucked it up and rented a dumpster. it took no more than 90 seconds to find a local provider and strike a deal: 3 days for $445. this included dropoff, pickup, and disposal.

it arrived the next morning at 8am and i got to work.

about half of the waste was actual not my "fault." it was already on the property, left behind by the previous owner. since it was mostly untreated wood, it was rotting. which means a lot of single planks of wood required 8-15 trips back and forth to pick up foot long mushy scraps, a few at a time.

the other half of the dumpster was scrap materials from our DIY projects. i'm not a hoarder by any means but something about having a barn makes it a little too easy to store that leftover 2x6 "just in case." no more.

a few things i found actually had some value, for example these 12 bags of shingles. they sell for $40 /bag.
6 bags here, 6 more off camera

i also found a half pallet of ~250 bricks.
2 stacks, 9 layers, 11 columns, plus a 3rd stack undone

and even a picnic table.

so i listed these "FREE" on NextDoor and got a bunch of bites. one guy came down, said he'd be back with his trailer to get everything, then never showed. sometimes it's not even worth it to give stuff away.

so i donated the shingles to a local ReStore, where i also bought an air hockey table that i'm rebuilding. as for the bricks, i'm going to incorporate them into our new Hacker House landscaping.

in addition to cleaning out the barn and shed areas i got rid of scrap metal, wood, cinder blocks, and other trash from all over the property. really learned a lesson about how to organize project leftovers going forward.

maybe next time you can help?
Spent: $445.00 | Time: 12.0 hours
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